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About Shay

From a very early age, Shay realized she was a natural intuitive with a high level of emotional intelligence. Her friends came to her often for advice and understanding, one friend even dubbing Shay "the voice of truth," due to her ability to understand with absolute clarity what was underneath the surface of the conversation, as well as her exceptional ability to articulate this understanding in a direct, yet empathetic manner.

In the mid-1990's, while living in NYC, Shay attended a workshop which focused on creating goals for the future. One of the exercises at the workshop was to look into her partner's eyes for thirty seconds and then tell her partner what she saw. When Shay did this exercise, she saw a multitude of very personal and private things she couldn't possibly have known about her partner who was - only 30 seconds before - a complete stranger.

In 1997, Shay moved from NYC to Los Angeles, and it was at that point that Shay began reading her friends' eyes, soon beginning to realize the scope of what she could see. She could see longstanding psychological and emotional blocks and conflicts, detailed personality traits, other family members and their relationships to the subject, strengths and weaknesses, health issues - both previous and current, close friends or relatives who had passed away and many, many more things.

In 2000, Shay began giving eye-readings to the general public in both private and corporate settings. She has worked frequently for events companies, including Aesthetica Events, Interactive Games & Media, City Connection Entertainment, JML Events, California Closets and CR-8-TV-1 & Associates, giving readings at weddings, corporate events, and every kind of party imaginable!

Shay is committed to giving back to her community and offers her readings at greatly reduced rates for worthy charitable events. Contact her directly if you'd like to discuss an upcoming event.

Shay recently relocated back to her hometown, Pittsburgh, PA, and in addition to sharing her gift of reading eyes, is a CPA who offers one-on-one financial coaching through her company, Financial Wellness with Shay Port. ​


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