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Reviews for  Eye Readings
Reviews for  Eye Readings
Shay is simply amazing. I've gone to Shay for a variety of questions over the past 4 years. Each reading is so insightful, helpful and memorable. Shay is very kind and definitely knows how to help unpack situations and emotions that are otherwise murky to navigate. I can't recommend Shay enough.
Sara P.
Shay knows what she is doing! She offers some insight and offers advance to help move past some milestones that have been hidden in our subconscious mind. This would be my 4th time coming to Shay.
I was really impressed. Shay got my personal struggles and strengths spot on. Both my relationship dynamics with my parents and career were described to a T. Was really fun! Highly recommended!
Jeanine B.
Joshua S.
I loved my reading! It was very accurate and Shay pinpointed my inner struggles that I was barely aware I had. I have a lot of questions and will definitely been back. I've been telling all my friends.
I was impressed by Shay's intuition about what was going on in my life. Certainly, I come at such things with healthy skepticism about cold readings, etc. but she did a great job of nailing what was going on in my mind and she offered genuinely helpful insights. I'm delighted with her work.
Shay is simply the best! I've been to her twice now and I feel like she knows me as well as, or maybe even better than I know myself! I've gained so much insight about my life through her eyes- or rather, my own! I used to be very dubious about this sort of thing, but it is so obvious after speaking with Shay that she has a gift! Highly recommended!
Chenelle B.
Shawn K.
Allie S.
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