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  • What is an Inner life Eye Reading?
    They are readings of your present condition or state - emotionally, spiritually, intellectually and physically. You ask a question and then I look into your eyes. The answers to your questions appear in the form of images. I read the images in your eyes and interpret them according to the matter or issue we're discussing. These readings address current issues in your life and the various obstacles and impediments to achieving what you are after. Unlike Iridology, where the actual iris of the eye is read, in an Inner Life Eye Reading the eyes become vessels through which your deepest emotions, most profound psychological traits and most compelling hopes and dreams can be seen.
  • What exactly are you looking at in my eyes?
    I am looking at micro-expressions in the eyes and the images that these expressions create. Within each micro-expression is a story about you - why you live your life the way you do - what your outlook is - or even perhaps, from whom you inherited your sense of humor! I read the images and then interpret the story they create in order to tell you exactly what's going on. When you look at your father, for instance, it creates a sort of imprint in your eyes and face that can be seen. This is why, for example, I can tell you what your father's personality is with amazing accuracy. You look at him, an imprint is created, and then I see him in your eyes!
  • What does the process consist of?
    We sit in two chairs across from each other, usually in a well-lit room or in front of a window. I generally request that the person not look directly into my eyes, but rather pick a point somewhere on my forehead to look at. This is because it is difficult for me to read you if you're engaging with me at the same time. The ultimate goal for the one being read is to remain relaxed and detached. At first, you may feel like laughing or smiling. This is perfectly natural as most people aren't used to having someone staring into their eyes! Usually this urge goes away in a minute or two. Once you are relaxed, I will look in your eyes from the front and then at each eye from the sides. It will feel much like being at the eye doctor. After a few minutes, I will begin to tell you what I am seeing. Sometimes I will ask you to repeat a phrase such as "My life is going well." It doesn't matter whether it's true that your life is going well, but this process gives me an understanding of how your eyes respond to positive and negative messages. I will usually give you a general reading at first which explains your current outlook and what's going on in your life on an emotional level. I will also tell you at this time if I see any family members or friends in your eyes or face. If so, I will describe them and tell you why they are there. After that we can discuss more about what I'm seeing or you can begin to ask more specific questions that you would like to have answered.
  • What if you don't see anything in my eyes?
    While this is possible, it is highly unlikely. Out of the hundreds of eyes I have read, there have been only a few that I couldn't read at all. Of course, if this does happen, then we will end the session and you will owe me nothing! Sometimes there is a resistance to being read, but usually we can work through this to ultimately achieve a very satisfying reading.
  • Can you tell me about my future?
    Yes - and no. These readings will not tell you what you'll be doing next year, or how many children you will have, for instance. The future can never be predicted accurately because we all have free will. If you've had "psychic" predictions made in the past, ask yourself how many of them have come true. What may be true today for the future, may change completely tomorrow, based on our desire for change and the new paths we embark on. It is acceptable, however, to ask a question that is future based. For example: "Will I be married next year?" The type of response you get will be an indication of how ready you are to be married or how you feel in general about marriage. This information will assist you in navigating along the many possible paths you have at your disposal. And now armed with the truth about how you currently feel about a situation, you will be better able to make choices for the future you would like to experience.
  • What kind of questions can I ask?
    You may ask a question in any format - either an open-ended question such as "How do I feel about getting into a relationship at this time?" or yes or no questions, such as "Is it the right time for me to look for a new job?" Regardless of the format of the question, the answers will be multi-faceted and will include your feelings about the question, any obstacles in your path and then an interpretation of how best to proceed on the matter. If you can't think of any questions to ask - don't worry - after looking in your eyes for a few minutes, I will be able to help you ask the right questions for you.
  • How long do you have to look in order to see something?
    I only need a few minutes, or even seconds, of focused concentration in order to get an answer to a question. When we first begin, I will generally look into your eyes for anywhere from 2-5 minutes from various angles to make sure I'm getting the whole picture, so to speak.
  • What can I expect to get out of these readings?
    You can expect to get a very detailed and very accurate picture of how you are living your life right now. You will find out all of your strengths and weaknesses and how these affect your success or potential success in the world. You will hear about the nature of your relationships with all members of your family - dead or alive - and how these relationships have played a part in both creating your personality and in creating blocks which may be keeping you from moving forward in certain areas. In addition, you will be able to ask any question on any subject from romance to career to your personal finances and get answers which will help you to move forward, make changes or validate what you already know is true somewhere deep inside. There is no question that you will leave the reading feeling like you have a deeper understanding of what has led you to this point in your life as well as how to move forward. You will feel validated, understood, and best of all, you will have a plan for how to proceed!
  • General Comments
    These readings work best when the participant is eager to know about him or herself. It is possible to read the eyes of someone who is ambivalent, but the result is usually less than enjoyable (for both parties). If you are not sure whether you really have a desire to hear the truth about a particular situation, it is best to wait until you feel certain you are ready. While a person may deceive himself about the way he feels about a situation, the eyes are all about the truth. This process can be extremely helpful and life-affirming once you are ready. HOWEVER - if something that is said in a reading does not seem to apply to you, then simply discard that information. You always know what is right and what the best thing is for you to do. No one other than yourself should ever have the last word on a matter concerning you. There is no need to feel pressured or uncomfortable if an interpretation does not seem to fit. This reading should be an extremely helpful, enjoyable and even entertaining experience. If you are confused about a direction to take and are ready for some clarity, ask a question. It is possible that a path may open up before you and a light will appear to lead your way.
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