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Reviews for  Eye Readings
Shay was very friendly throughout the whole process, including setting up the appointment, etc. when I got there, she was very professional explaining the process of the eye readings and making me feel comfortable and welcomed. Everything she picked up on throughout the reading was 100% accurate with knowing nothing but my first name. 10/10 - would recommend her to anyone!
Michala S.
I am not easily open to supernatural readings, but this felt different. Shay made me comfortable and asked meaningful questions that brought unexpected revelations -- about people I'd loved and lost, self-protective thoughts that may be holding me back, and hopeful signs for my future.
Mary M.
I had two different eye readings from Shay. Once at a Yelp event which was a brief 5-minute reading. I liked it as much to schedule a longer reading at a tea house where she reads. Her information is accurate and insightful. You may not catch everything immediately, so take notes...her reading resonates down the road a bit. Definitely worth the experience and fairly priced. Go a SEE what you think!
I experienced two eye readings from Shay. On both occasions I found the information to be accurate and insightful. The things that she told me validated my feelings and left me with a deeper understanding of myself.  When I had my first eye reading many years ago, I was at crossroads in my career. Shay was able to see my natural gifts which then helped me to choose the path to follow.
Molly H.
Tracey P.
Absolutely awesome! It was my first time having my eyes read and it was the coolest thing! Seriously scarily accurate and very insightful! I would definitely come back again! Honestly made me see things about myself that I both knew and that I was news to me!
Allison F.
Salut beautiful Shay! I can't thank you enough for the most profound reading I've ever received! You are truly gifted. I was really amazed at how you were able to point out my blockages spot on without having a convo with me previously about anything of significance. Also, I truly appreciate the advice you've given towards the conclusion of the reading to help me progress and begin dispelling the blockages some. Absolutely amazing! I recommend everyone to you. May you continue to be blessed!
Shiny R.
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