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Reviews for  Eye Readings
I have very deep interest in self-reflection and self-improvement so when my friend mentioned Shay's eye reading I decided to give it a try. When I called her, she gave me the option for my reading either at the tea house in Squirrel Hill or at her loft in Shadyside. I decided her loft because it was more convenient. It was a very cool loft in a nice neighborhood. Floor plan is very open and the interior is very welcoming and comfortable.

Shay was very insightful. She pointed out where my struggles are coming from. Sometimes you know but you don't wanna admit. Hearing my story though her has help me tremendously to deal with my issues. She was not only insightful but also caring and comforting. I really enjoyed the experience and appreciate her help.
Nicole Y.
What Shay does is really wonderful and unique. She can drill down to the core of a situation you are experiencing and help you find the understandings to take a next step. She also has an ability to recognize other influences on your current situation that you may not be aware of that help you understand why from a larger life perspective. I always come away from her readings with both a specific action plan for what I can do right now and a deeper understanding of larger story arcs that help me refine or feel more at peace with where I'm truly heading. I recommend her for people who want a sharp, pragmatic, grounded, supportive look into the things that matter. She will help you see some truth that you perhaps haven't seen because you are too close to it.
Heather K.
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